All KVHA Teams are USA Hockey and MAHA Affiliates and therefore, all players, coaches and teams must be verified and rostered with USA Hockey prior to the season start dates.  Fall Rosters cannot be approved prior to August 1 for 14u and older teams and prior to September 1st for 12u and younger teams. Spring Rosters cannot be approved prior to April 1st.

ONLY coaches who are listed on the approved USA Hockey roster may participate in practices on the ice or be on the bench during games.  Managers and Locker Room Attendants may not serve as on ice or on bench coaches unless they are rostered as coaches in addition to their manager duties.  There is no limit on the number of coaches or locker room parents a team can roster, however, USA Hockey rules allow for only 4 coaches to be on the bench during a game.   Any team parent can assist with team functions or be in the scorebox as a timekeeper or help with the score sheet, they do not need to be credentialed.  We recommend two locker room monitors per team in addition to coaches staff.

Teams may roster a total of 20 players in the Fall/Winter Season (no more than 18 skaters; teams can roster 3 goalies and 17 skaters).  Teams may roster a total of 25 players in the Spring/Summer season (no more than 23 skaters but may only play 20 in any game).  

Players, coaches and managers must renew USA Hockey memberships every year. USA Hockey registration numbers are valid from April 1 of the Spring season and expire the following August 31 of every season.   USA Hockey membership provides insurance coverage in the event of an injury to players, coaches or spectators. 

Every player must register w/KVHA to receive jerseys and be rostered to their team.  Once all players of a certain team are registered with KVHA, and all of the coaches have their USA Hockey credentials competed, the team can be rostered officially with USA Hockey in season.  Rostering is the process of creating a team list verifying all players and coaches that is approved by the USA Hockey registrar.   A USA Hockey Roster is required to validate USA Hockey Liability coverage prior to the team's participation in scrimmage, league or tournament games.  The KVHA Registrar will build the roster, verify players, obtain birth certificates as needed, verify coaches and submit to the USA Hockey Registrar, who then has a 72-hour turnaround to approve the roster. Accordingly, once you approve your team roster to the office, please allow 3 business days for your roster to be approved; this includes adding players and coaches after your original roster has been approved.  Once your roster is approved it will be emailed to the team along with a live link that should be bookmarked to have access to your official roster in real time throughout the season.  

Anyone who has not completed the proper items is not allowed on the ice or the bench in any capacity.  Players rostered to another team are not allowed to participate on the ice.  The Head Coach will be suspended for violations

Un-rostered players and coaches are not allowed to participate on the ice for practice or be on the bench during a game.    A rostered member of the team has certain protections through USA Hockey's liability coverage that un-rostered individuals do not.  If a person is not rostered, and they are on the bench during a game and receive a penalty as a coach, or there is some other incident during a game, the head coach can be suspended for having an un-rostered coach on the bench.    Additionally, if an un-rostered coach is on the ice during practice, and someone is injured, the liability insurance for the entire team will be nullified due to having that un-rostered person on the ice.  The rule applies to player siblings, coaches of other children, friends, and even those rostered on other KVHA teams.  This is not optional, and coaches will be suspended immediately pending a hearing if it occurs.  This is not a KVHA rule, but a USA Hockey / MAHA rule and it will be strictly enforced. It seems like a lot for a kid's game but ultimately it is about safety and ensuring that we have properly screened and trained adults in a supervisory capacity.  Injuries to non-rostered siblings/players/coaches are at your own risk and not that of KVHA.


Sometimes when  playing at another neutral rink, college rink, or privately owned rink, you may be required to obtain proof of insurance for your hockey team.  To Request for Certificate Of Insurance complete the link below and submit to the District Risk Manager of Michigan:

Robert Yohe (906) 485-1605;
Grant Helms (989) 859-4506;

Remember, if the rink requires that they be named as additional insured, you must forward a copy of your rink contract to your risk manager for review before the certificate can be processed.



To ensure that your team's USA Hockey insurance coverage follows the team to Canada, a permit is required for all exhibition games and tournaments played in Canada. This permit has a date of issue and date of expiration. To obtain your permit, click on the registration link through MAHA's website and fill in all the required information. There is a $25 fee for this permit.

Note: You can list all your exhibition games of the season when you apply of the $25 fee. If you need to add games at a later date you will need to submit a new application, which will result in an additional fee being due. You must submit your application at least (1) one week in advance to ensure time for approval prior to the tournament.

The standard insurance coverage will be considered to be in effect as long as the injured participant was wearing the proper protective equipment as mandated by the organization (Hockey Canada or USA Hockey) with which he/she is registered.

Please note that all other playing rules of the host country are in effect for games played in that country, except when U.S. teams are playing on U.S. soil in Canadian‐based leagues using Hockey Canada rules under league direction, and vice versa,