Teams who are not able to use their ice are able to sell it to another team or an outside party; the rink will typically not take back ice during the regular season.   

Below is the list of available ice through KVHA teams only.  If you are seeking to purchase ice from the rink, please contact them directly to find out availability   

If you do sell or trade your ice, please email the rink w/date, time, rink location and who purchased the ice so the schedule board can be updated to reflect the proper party is using the ice.

If you have ice for sale, please complete the survey form and within seconds, your ice will appear in the spreadsheet above and other teams or individuals can reach out to you directly to purchase the ice.


WHEN YOU SELL YOUR ICE, please notify
with the date, time and location of the ice sold as well as the party you sold it to.  
This will notify the rink of changes to the schedule, allowing them to update the board to show the party who purchased the ice.   


Additionally, if you are looking for ice on a day that nothing is available, you can check with other associations to see if they have ice for sale.  Teams can purchase ice at any arena to host a game and usually you can schedule referees through GLO or the local association can help you with a contact for their own referee scheduler.   

Here are a couple of calendars in the area listing team ice for sale:
Livonia Hockey Association:
USA Arena/Compuware:
Other rinks call their main number for assistance.