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The off-season is a great time for players to work on the individual and more technical aspects of their game and we recommend all of the options below for skills, power skating and overall hockey development.
From Elite players looking to stay in shape to those who need to work on specific areas, or more beginners who need time to catch up, our partners have offerings for everyone!  We are happy to have these trainers in our KV hockey family!

Simply Defense teaches defensive skills and tactics, including agility and foot speed, lateral mobility, backward acceleration, gap control, puck retrievals, breakout options, net front play, winning battles, defensive zone play, playing the rush (1 on 1's, 2 on 1's etc.), supporting your partner, neutral and offensive zone play, blocking shots and more!

Strictly Shooting will help players elevate their shot by breaking down each shot into its basic fundamentals focusing on the right way to set up, proper weight transfer, and correct follow through. Students progress from technical drills to game simulations focusing on shooting in stride, shooting off the pass, one-timers, proper shot selection, disguising your shot, shooting with purpose, play in tight, rebound reaction and more...all to maximize scoring opportunities! 

To find out more: call (810) 985.4529
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KVHA does not administer the Learn to Skate program that is through the Brighton and Hartland rinks,  but your child must be able to skate unassisted & stop in a controlled manner before registering for our Learn to Play Hockey program!

We recommend starting with a Learn to Skate Class prior to starting Learn to Play Hockey and Harmony Skating School has a Learn to Skate program in Hartland in Brighton! 

Founded in 2005, Ice House Skating Academy is the figure skating club for Kensington Valley Ice House in Brighton and Hartland Ice House . Ice House SA is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. Learn To Skate USA (by U.S. Figure Skating) provides standardized curriculum for new skaters to develop a strong foundation of skills on the ice.  Sign up for ice skating lessons today!

(989) 372-1017

Puckmasters one-on-one and team skills training professionals will customize a progressive program for you to help improve skating, stick handling, conditioning, puck control, shooting and understanding of the game.  Since 2008, thousands of amateur, college and professional hockey players have improved their skills and made it to the next level.

-Full Gear Required - Call to Schedule Appointment

50950 Century Court, Wixom, MI 48393
(248) 926-5656

KV Training ice is offered through the rink for trainers or coaches to focus on specific training needs

Up to 4 groups of 4 players each are allowed with one trainer or coach per group.   

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