KVHA is proud to partner with Great Lakes Hockey Officials for all of our teams officiating needs.  Norm, Mike and their officials are reliable, professional and knowledgeable.  They go a great job overall and respond to feedback when something goes awry.  We are all only human! 

New Officials are always needed and a perfect way for teenagers to earn money and develop skills that will serve them as an adult.   We encourage anyone who is interested to find out more.  


The KVHA Scheduler is Great Lakes Hockey Officials.

If you are new to KVHA as a coach or manager visit their website and set up an account for the team.  When you set up your account, you will need to enter our KVHA Association code which is # 205241 https://www.horizonwebref.com

Once you are approved in their system, you will receive an email and can begin to schedule referees.

Referees should be paid at every game and the teams should keep an accounting of fees for the season.

Please schedule and cancel your referees as far out in advance as possible.



Teams are issued a login account to view schedules, add games, see and evaluate officials.  Have forum and communication tools and other teams within the association.  Many other features such as document uploads, video uploads to share.   A phone app is also available as part of the system to have with you to verify and/or confirm official assignments or check to make sure you submitted that game to be added, changed or cancelled.  Teams have the option of adding their own games directly to their schedule or by submitting a list to GLHO via email and they will input the information.


Great Lakes Hockey Officials (GLHO) is the referee scheduler for the Kensington Valley Hockey Association.    They handle several venues, including Lakeland Arena, DSC, Orchard Lake, Novi, Howell and Brighton/Hartland. https://www.greatlakeshockeyofficials.com/

New officials will typically start on Mite level games and advance as they gain experience in protocols and procedures.  While Great Lakes tries to keep officials closer to home, they expect officials to be available for all venues.  New officials need to go where the games are in the beginning.  Availability of Mite games or those to start up on, are limited and there are always several new officials looking for games at the same time.  Note - as most of these fall on weekends, availability is critical in receiving assignments.

For USA Hockey - if you have your card and crest in hand you are ready to go.  The scheduler will assign new officials with an experienced partner for the first few games.https://www.greatlakeshockeyofficials.com/usah

Travel Mites generally run under AAU, which is separate from USA Hockey.  To referee these games, you must sign up as a youth athlete if you are under 18 years of age.  There are no additional exams or other requirements to join AAU.   When registering use Club Membership: W375A8 – Great Lakes Hockey Officials.   There is a small registration fee. https://www.greatlakeshockeyofficials.com/aau

There are different schedulers around the area and depending on where you wish to officiate you will have to sign up with those you are interested in separately.  These days most groups are using the same scheduling system.  When you sign up use the group code 205241 to register as a new user with Great Lakes Officials. https://www.horizonwebref.com


.To register with USA Hockey as an official you need to complete five steps each year; go to Registration Tips for more information:

All persons who have never registered with USA Hockey as an Ice Hockey Official must register at Level 1. All registration requirements must be completed, and you must have your Card and Crest in hand before you may accept assignments.


Submission of USA Hockey Officiating Program membership applications begins on June 1 and ends December 31 of every season.  All membership registrations must be completed by February 28. No referee cards and sweater crests will be issued after this date.


  • Officials who do not receive the minimum passing score for their registration level, will be given access to a Re-take Exam and a new answer sheet. An official is only allowed one Re-take Exam per year. The Re-take Exam is available after a seven day waiting period (from submitting the first exam), and once available this re-take must be completed within 30 days. In the event that an official fails the exam twice, he/she will become completely registered at the highest level for which the re-take exam score would qualify.
  • Must attend and complete a Level 1 Officiating Classroom Seminar sanctioned by USA Hockey
    • This seminar will generally consist of both a classroom and ice session. Classroom sessions may be offered in a "in-person" or "online virtual" classroom (via Zoom Meetings). Please make sure you read the seminar schedule carefully regarding what type of seminar is being offered.
  • Must complete free online SafeSport training (if turning 18, or older)
    • As part of USA Hockey's continued effort to create a safe playing environment for all participants, those officials who will be 18 years of age or older at the beginning of the registration season are required to complete the online U.S. Center for SafeSport education program.
  • Must complete and maintain a USA Hockey sanctioned criminal Background Screen if 18(+) years old on June 1.
    • All officials who are 18(+) years-old or older by June 1 of the current year, must submit to a USA Hockey coordinated Criminal Background Screen every two seasons.  No background screen performed by an outside entity or governing body will be accepted

A new official (not registered the previous year) may not officiate until he/she is completely registered. A returning official ("complete" the previous season) may not officiate after November 30 of the current season (expiration date on previous year's card) unless he/she is completely registered for the current season.


Registration with the USA Hockey Officiating Program does not guarantee any official game assignments.Officials are responsible for obtaining their own game assignments from Local Game Schedulers as designated in each District. Any game scheduler who assigns incompletely registered officials for games is subject to serious liability as he/she jeopardizes the insurance coverage of the officials and both teams involved. Whenever possible, only level-qualified officials should be assigned to games. Updated listings of currently registered officials are available from the District Referee-in-Chief on a regular basis.


USA Hockey Game Official’s Code of Conduct

  • Act in a professional and businesslike manner at all times and take your role seriously.
  • Strive to provide a safe and sportsmanlike environment in which players can properly display their hockey skills.
  • Know all playing rules, their interpretations and their proper application.
  • Remember that officials are teachers. Set a good example.
  • Make your calls with quiet confidence; never with arrogance.
  • Manage and help to control games in cooperation with the coaches to provide a positive and safe experience for all participants.
  • Violence must never be tolerated.
  • Be fair and impartial at all times.
  • Answer all reasonable questions and requests.
  • Adopt a “zero tolerance” attitude toward verbal or physical abuse.
  • Never use foul or vulgar language when speaking with a player, coach or parent.
  • Use honesty and integrity when answering questions.
  • Admit your mistakes when you make them.
  • Never openly criticize a coach, player or fellow official.
  • Keep your emotions under control.
  • Use only USA Hockey-approved officiating techniques and policies.
  • Maintain your health through a physical conditioning program.
  • Dedicate yourself to personal improvement and maintenance of officiating skills.
  • Respect your supervisor and his/her critique of your performance.

From the MAHA Annual Guide Pages 53-54


1. It is the responsibility of the local USA Hockey Referee-In-Chief for Michigan to ensure that all referees used have been duly registered.

2. All score sheets must be signed by the referees who officiated the game and must have their USA number clearly printed. Failure to clearly print their USA number may result in suspension or other disciplinary action by the Referee Representative to the MAHA.

3. The MAHA Vice President of Officials, USA Hockey Referee-in-Chief for Michigan, or the appropriate MAHA District Referee-in-Chief Supervisor of officials shall have the authority to suspend a referee up to ten (10) days without a prior hearing. The MAHA Officiating Disciplinary Committee shall have the authority to suspend a referee for a longer period of time after a hearing.

4. The USA Referee-In-Chief for the MAHA, or his designate, shall schedule referees for the MAHA State Playoffs with approval from the MAHA State Playoff Committee.

5. No Referee or Linesman shall officiate in a division within a tournament, District playoff or State playoff in which their father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter, husband, or wife is a coach, manager, or player of one of the participating teams without:
     a. Notifying the opposing team of this relationship.
     b. Obtaining agreement to play the game from both teams, in writing, on the score sheet, prior to the start of the game. (In cases of tournaments or playoffs, this can be done on a blanket basis by all teams, in writing, prior to the start of play.)