KVHA Ravens Girls Hockey Program

The KVHA Ravens program started in 2009 with 6 teams and approximately 80 players.  These teams consisted of big and little sisters of boys who played in the association as well as growth events such as bring a friend to skate and girls only try hockey free.  We currently have a full slate of teams from 8u to 19u with over 150 girls playing the game in Brighton.     

The success of our program stems from our approach, our players and our volunteers.  The KV Ravens have helped as many girls as any other program around get into the game, have fun and achieve their goal of playing T1 hockey and college hockey.   Our program is all about the GIRLS.  Whether it's learning to play, recreational or playing at the highest level, we have delivered on all fronts the past 15 years.  

For many, the hockey experience at KV has taught their player how to be a teammate, set goals, work hard to reach them and have fun doing it!   We are really proud of them--ALL of them!

We welcome you.  Whether you are brand new to skating or at the top of your game, we have a place in this family for you. 


8UCross IceWhitbeck, Denniswhitbeck.dennis@gmail.com
10UT2Helminen, Abbieabbiehelminen@gmail.com
10UT2Holdridge, Russravensholdridge@gmail.com
12UT2Domzalski, DrewA_DOMZAL@hotmail.com
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16UT2Christopher, Andrewandrew.christopher370@gmail.com
19UT2Angerman, Johnjra0815@aol.com
19u Ravens MGHL Champions
10UT3 Ravens MGHL Champs


Tier 2 teams are formed via tryouts, creating teams based on more skilled players who typically have been playing hockey since a young age.   These teams travel and participate in the MGHL Girls Hockey league as well as 3-4 other tournaments throughout the season.  They are also eligible for the MAHA Girls tier 2 State Tournament.  Only one girls team per association is allowed to represent each girls age division (10u, 12u, etc) in the state tournament and in those divisions where we have two tier 2 teams that are equally competitive, the teams will play a best of three games between September and the beginning of January and the winner will earn the spot to represent the association.  While the state tournament is something that many parents wish to compete for, there are several ways to have a great season without playing for the State Tournament and the MGHL League Championship is the girls' second state tournament, since the majority of the same teams are competing and the league championship weekend provides an even better atmosphere when doing so.  

The 10U and older Tier 3 teams are mostly players who started at an older age or are still developing and sometimes it is because associations do not have enough girls at one age to form a team so they combine a few age groups to form one team.  Tier 3 teams are basically formed by registration, with the girls in the current program given priority over new girls registering from outside the association.  The girls must exhibit a minimum amount of skills to participate, with more skills/awareness required the older the team.   Tier 3 teams travel as well and participate in the MGHL Girls Hockey league and can enter various tournaments throughout the season, usually depending on how much the parents are interested in doing.  They are also eligible for the MAHA Girls Tier 3 State Tournament.   Same as with tier 2, only one spot is available per association per age division in the state tournament, so having one team at tier 2 and one at tier 3 gives more girls an opportunity to compete.   As well, tier 3 teams are allowed to play 30% of their games against tier 2 teams or in tier 2 tournaments as well (in a 45 game year - max games for 10u - this is 13 games) so this provides teams to have a really great development year to prepare the girls for the next level in the coming season.   And, if a tier 3 team is dominating at the tier 3 level, we can also roster them as a tier 2 team to play a more competitive schedule.    

The 8U Ravens team is a half-ice all-girls team formed by registration, with the girls in the current program given priority over new girls registering from outside the association.  The girls must exhibit a minimum amount of skills to participate at this age.   They participate in the MGHL 8u league with a little bit of travel, can attend tournaments, and these teams are also eligible for the MAHA Girls Mite state Cup tournament by entering a qualifying tournament during the regular season.   


19u avens (1)

Come Soar with the Ravens Tier 3 Program this Fall

Development & Fun!

Costs listed do not include the 23-24 KVHA Registration Fee ($195-$295)

These monthly fees cover the cost for ice time that KVHA rents for each team from the rink as well as the entry fees for one tournament plus the MAHA Jamboree/State Tournament.   

On-line payment setup will be completed ONE TIME ONLY, regardless of whether you choose to pay in full, or set up monthly installment payments.  Ice payments are due the 15th of each month, beginning the month after KVHA registration, and you can pay in 6 installments.   Payments can be set up using MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AMEX or via ACH directly from your checking account (check routing).  KVHA does not accept checks, money orders, or cash.     

 Players who register after the start of the season will have their first payment pro-rated according to their individual start date. 

8U T3

$175 approx per month
  • Ages 2016 and younger
  • At least two skates per week
  • Lots of 1/2 Ice Games!

10U T3

$230 approx per month
  • Ages 9 & 10 (2014/2015)
  • 10-12 Skates per month
  • 20+ Games

12U T3

$275 approx per month
  • Ages 11 & 12 (2013/2012)
  • 12-14 Skates per month
  • 20+ Games

14U T3

325 approx per month
  • For Ages 13 & 14 (2011/2010)
  • 12-14 Skates per month
  • 30 + games


KVHA 19U Ravens 2024 USA Hockey National Tournament Finalists!


 April 3  9:15am  KV Ravens defeat the Idaho Vipers 4 to 1
April 4  5:15pm KV Ravens defeat the Montana Wolves 4 to 3
April 5  3:00pm KV Ravens defeat the New Jersey Bandits 2-0
April 6 10:30am KV Ravens defeat Colorado Mountain Select 5 - 0
April 6 7:00pm KV Ravens defeat the Nashville Jr Predators 4-1
April 7 11:30am KV Ravens defeated by Hockey Club Fairbanks 2-1

19U Ravens Angerman 2024 National Tournament Qualifying Game winner!

Congratulations Past Ravens MAHA State Champions!

Teams Not Pictured - 2018 10U Tier 3 HC Joe Urbain & 2013 12U T2 HC Tom Hall

Our Ravens Teams Proudly Participate in the Michigan Girls Hockey League