KVHA Teams work together to schedule their tryout dates with our higher level boys and girls teams hosting first to allow for the players the opportunity to tryout for different teams and ultimately find the right skill level for where they are in their development. 

Teams are not required to host open tryouts in any tier 2 divisions 

KVHA Team Tryout dates are typically posted on this page starting the last week of February 

KVHA Tier 3 | House Teams are not created via tryouts; teams are created by registration, player evaluation and draft or committee    

Teams may not recruit or solicit players, offer contracts, hold tryouts, conditioning skates, skills skates, or any activity that could be construed as a tryout/solicitation or recruitment or player evaluation until the specific dates set forth by USA Hockey and the MAHA every season. 

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All tryouts dates are at the new BIGGBY Coffee Ice Cube (formerly the KV Ice House); 10540 Citation Drive; Brighton, MI 48116

Click on the buttons to find tryout dates and team information by girls age division

Ravens 8u -12u
Ravens 14u -19u


All tryouts dates are at the new BIGGBY Coffee Ice Cube (formerly the KV Ice House); 10540 Citation Drive; Brighton, MI 48116

Click on the buttons to find tryout dates and team information by boys' birth year

2015 Boys
2013-2012 (6)
2014 Boys
2011 2010

Note: Players born in 2012 or after (i.e. 12 years old or younger) are not eligible to play on any National Bound division teams per MAHA and USA Hockey Rules.

This link below will take you to the MAHA website that lists tryout dates for all associations in the area 

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From page 27 pf the 2022-2023 MAHA Annual Guidebook

Spring/Summer type teams formed to play between the end of the last USA Hockey Youth/Girls National Championship and August 31, have a limit of twenty-five (25) players on a roster and may dress twenty (20) players per game.  (no specification on # of goaltenders)

From page 50 of the 2022-2023 MAHA Annual Guidebook


  1. All teams in spring and summer leagues and conditioning programs must complete an USA Hockey Team Roster Form (1-T). Players and Team officials not registered prior to the spring/summer season must register online through USA Hockey. Confirmation letters for all players and team officials must be presented to the Associate Registrar for approval prior to the start of any games.
  2. Team Officials (Coaches, Managers and locker room attendants) must provide proof of a Background screening and Safe Sport before participating with the team.
  3. A player’s obligation to his/her regular season team ends on April 30th of the current season, or when his/her regular season team becomes inactive prior to that date.
  4. A player who is a member of an active regular season team may register and play in spring/summer leagues and conditioning programs if he/she has the written permission of his/her regular season team coach or manager.
  5. A player’s obligation to his/her spring/summer league or conditioning program ends with the completion of the league or conditioning programs schedule, or when he/she is released in writing prior to that date.
  6. All spring/ summer leagues and conditioning programs must use the current playing rules of USA Hockey /MAHA.
  7. Spring/summer leagues and conditioning programs may have added special rules for their league, provided such rules are not contradictory to, or less stringent than the current USA Hockey /MAHA rules.
  8. Spring/Summer Season league play may not start prior to the week of April 1st.
  9. In all Youth divisions, a player may register and play with a maximum of two teams at a time in the spring/summer season.
  10. Spring/Summer players must play in the USA Hockey age classification they will be in for the next regular (winter) hockey season.
  11. 19U girls and 18U youth are eligible to participate up until August 31 of the current season in the same age classification as the previous season.
  12. All player or coach suspensions shall be served with the team with which the penalty was incurred. If the team the penalty was incurred with has ended its season, the player shall serve the suspension in his/her next game.

Note: A player or coach receiving a match penalty is suspended from participating in any USA Hockey games and practices until a hearing is conducted.