USA Hockey Safe Sport Update for 23|24 Season

June 8, 2023

Dear USA Hockey members and parents,

We write to tell you about updates to USA Hockey’s Safe Sport Program for the 2023-24 season. Please take the time to review the information below. We thank you in advance for your time and for your support and dedication to the safety of participants in USA Hockey programs.

Along with all national governing bodies recognized by the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee for their particular sport, USA Hockey is subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. Center for SafeSport (the “Center”) to help create a safer environment for athletes to thrive. The Center regulations are set forth in the SafeSport Code for the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement (the “SafeSport Code”) and the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies (the “MAAPP”). The SafeSport Code primarily covers prohibited conduct and the Center’s response and resolution process, while the MAAPP is aimed at training requirements and preventive policies around locker rooms, travel, electronic communications, and other areas where prohibited one-on-one interactions may occur. USA Hockey is required to adopt policies consistent with the SafeSport Code and MAAPP, and has incorporated the applicable provisions into the USA Hockey Safe Sport Program Handbook.

MAAPP Policies
The policies in the MAAPP are set forth in USA Hockey’s Safe Sport Program Handbook. USA Hockey updated its Safe Sport Program Handbook on January 3, 2023, a copy of which is available online at USA Hockey’s website contains additional materials and resources regarding its Safe Sport Program. All USA Hockey member programs are required to comply with the USA Hockey Safe Sport Handbook, including implementation of the requirements of the MAAPP.

How to Report
USA Hockey’s Reporting Policy is a vital part of its Safe Sport Program, and an effective reporting policy is crucial to preventing abuse. Section IV of the Safe Sport Handbook contains specifics on the Reporting Policy – for more information on making a report, please also see:

The Center has exclusive jurisdiction to investigate and resolve allegations of sexual misconduct within USA Hockey programs. The Center also has the discretion to accept jurisdiction over other types of misconduct, but for the most part allegations of other types of misconduct, including emotional or physical abuse, bullying, hazing, threats or harassment, or violations of the MAAPP, are investigated and resolved by USA Hockey and its regional Affiliates.

Reports to U.S. Center for SafeSport
If an Adult Participant reasonably suspects that an incident(s) of Child Abuse or Sexual Misconduct has occurred, they must immediately report the incident(s) to the Center as well as applicable law enforcement authorities. Reports to the Center may be made by (1) completing an online report to the Center at  or by (2) calling 833-587-7233.

Reports to USA Hockey
Reports of any allegation of misconduct or other inappropriate behavior that may violate Safe Sport Policies other than Sexual Misconduct or Child Abuse, should be made immediately to USA Hockey or the applicable Affiliate Safe Sport Coordinator, or may also be made to the Center. Reports to USA Hockey may be made by: (1) clicking on the “Report to USA Hockey” link on the USA Hockey Safe Sport Program webpage (, (2) emailing to, or (3) calling 800-888-4656. The USA Hockey Safe Sport Program webpage contains contact information for each Affiliate Safe Sport Coordinator.

Changes to Training Requirements
In addition to the above changes, the Center now requires renewal of SafeSport Training to be completed within 12 months of the prior training. This may mean that some participants will be within the 12 month period and eligible at the beginning of the season, but will have their training expire and become ineligible during the season unless new training is completed.

Casey Jorgensen
General Counsel