2023-24 MAHA D4 District Playoff Information

Happy Holidays!

Thank you all for your patience in getting this message out about districts.  There is so much planning that has already gone into districts…we are looking forward to the fun part when games start up.

Below you will find some links and other important information that will help you prepare for credentialling.

Please refer to the MAHA State Playoff webpage at https://www.maha.org/stateplayoffs for forms and to view a video with instructions on completing the credential packet.

The rules for District 4 playoffs are attached to this email.  For teams that advance to the State Playoffs, or for anything not covered by the District 4 attachment, please refer to the State Playoff Guidebook:  2023-24 District & State Playoff Handbook

Please be sure to have two representatives from your team attend credentialling!  We have 71 teams to credential and this number may raise with Tier 1 or girls’ teams.  Credentialling is two of the busiest days for the District Council and we appreciate your assistance in making things go smoothly for everyone. With the transition to GameSheets, we anticipate some delays so be prepared.

Speaking of GameSheets, teams are expected to bring printed copies of all scoresheets. These scoresheets must include all information including penalties. All scoresheets must be signed by officials; in the event that a handwritten scoresheet was transferred to GameSheets, both must be presented at credentialling.

One focal point for credentialling this season will be suspensions.  We have had a large increase in Game Misconduct and Match Penalties this year…174 so far this year for District 4 alone!  Please note that Head Coaches are responsible for tracking supplemental penalties (either players 4+ in a game, team 12+ in a game, or progressive major penalties).  Remember that “2 and 10s” are technically a minor plus a misconduct penalty and count as two penalties.  Teams found to have unserved suspensions may lead to additional suspensions for players or coaches, up to being suspended pending a hearing for playing an ineligible player. Any suspension not properly marked on the scoresheet will be deemed to have not been served.

Credentialling dates for District/State teams only (other teams will be credentialled at a later date).  All credentialling will be done at Farmington Hills Ice Arena at 3550 Eight Mile Road Farmington Hills, MI 48335.

Wednesday, January 3, 2024: 

5:45pm            10U-A/Squirt/2014

6:15pm            12U-B/PeeWee

6:45pm            12U-AA/PeeWee/2011

7:00pm            14U-AA/Bantam/2009

Open               All Midget teams can come anytime between 6:00pm-7:30pm

Thursday, January 4, 2024: 

5:45pm            10U-B/Squirt

6:15pm            10U-AA/Squirt/2013

6:45pm            12U-A/PeeWee/2012

7:00pm            14U-A/Bantam/2010

7:15pm            14U-B/Bantam

*Please arrive on time and at your designated time and bring your ice schedule.

Round 1 games will be scheduled at credentialling.  These games will be played on home team ice with home team responsible for scheduling officials.  Please bring the rates you pay for officials to credentialling since each team is responsible for the cost of one official.

Round 2 games will be played at the rink of the division host association.  I have requested cost and dates from each of the host.  Those cost (including ice fees, official costs, medical personnel (optional), and timekeeper/scorekeepers) are paid to the host association by teams advancing to round 2.  Some smaller divisions may have the top two teams advance directly to District 4 Championships.

ALL scoresheets will be emailed to Kim Gearn at kimgearns@comcast.net within 24 hours after the game by BOTH teams. Please make sure the scoresheets are readable. Thank you for your prompt submission of scoresheets as one of the biggest complaints we receive each year is delays in updating the D4 website.

I know it all seems like a lot, but these are necessary steps to assure that all teams are on a level playing field in terms of MAHA and USA Hockey requirements.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated and we are always thankful for those teams who arrive with all documentation completed and organized.

If you have any questions regarding your team’s roster or history report, please contact your local registrar prior to credentialing.  If you have any questions regarding D4 Districts, please contact the D4 Districts Coordinator, Kim Gearns at kimgearns@comcast.net.

Thank you for all you do to share the wonderful sport of hockey with your players.


John Popma

MAHA District 4 Chair

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