Our Learn to Play, 6U and 8U programs are proudly sponsored by BIGGBY Coffee!

BIGGBY Hockey Programs for Ages 8 & younger

Our BIGGBY 6u/8u program is for those just starting on a team to those in their final season of half-ice hockey.

BIGGBY Coffee, KVHA and our partners continue to focus on growing the game and making Learn-to-Play, 6u and 8u hockey the most fun experience for the kids while building the next generation of youth coaches and players, and keeping the sport affordable for our families.

Utilizing the USA Hockey ADM structure allows for skill appropriate play, which maximizes puck touches and ice time.  Shared practices allow the kids to not only get to know their teammates, but players and coaches on other teams as well.

Our hockey family grows stronger and larger each season and we hope you will join us as we create lifelong friendships at the rink!

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All players must be registered with KVHA for the season before they are placed on a team

All players need full hockey equipment, including a neck and mouth guard to participate

  All teams play cross ice or half ice games in our KVHA/BIGGBY in-house league - no travel

Games will begin in Mid to late October and games are typically every Sunday

 A & B teams or divisions which are matched by skill level, to ensure maximum puck touches and equal competition

Teams rotate one weekday evening (Tu/W/Th) or Saturday morning and will skate every Sunday morning or afternoon  - teams rotate through a block of 50 minute ice times

Beginning in September, there is a monthly ice fee paid through February via separate online registration

Teams may attend a tournament at an additional parent expense not included in the monthly ice fee.  Events with an additional cost are optional and do not affect a player's ability to be placed on a team.   

Please email office@kvhockey,org if you have more questions or would like additional information.

We hope that you consider joining our hockey family.

June 1: KVHA registration for the Fall/Winter season opens
All players must be registered to be placed on a team; registration fees cover many things including your player jerseys and socks

Mid-August:  Conditioning/Skill Skates
After Labor Day: Evaluation Skates
Mid September: First Team skate
Mid October: Jerseys arrive 
December: Holiday Jamboree
March: End of Season Jamboree

Season ends the 3rd weekend in March
*fees are reviewed on a yearly basis and are subject to change every season


Each year the association receives numerous requests to be placed with a certain coach, ride-share, best-friend, etc.  Unfortunately, multiple requests are not allowed under MAHA regulations, which require developmental teams to be formed via evaluation and an internal "draft" process with the goal of ensuring that the teams are evenly competitive and that coaches are not trying to "stack" teams.   

In addition to the rules, and given the number of teams and players that we have, it would be impossible to honor everyone's requests for a certain coach or multiple friends and that is why we limit families to one friend request and no coach requests.    This system makes it as fair as possible for all of our players.  

Each coach is permitted one protected player other than their own child, which is usually an assistant coach or manager.  Families are allowed to make requests known to various coaches, but the final decision lies with that head coach.  

KVHA does not offer any promises or guarantees for players to be placed, or not placed, on any certain team.  Refunds will not be considered for players who are not drafted on any specific team, with specific teammates, by any specific coach, or any other team request. 

Siblings within the same division will be placed on the same teams, no play with a friend request needed

In our 6u and 8u Divisions each player is allowed to make one friend request to play with a neighbor or friend.   No multiple/chain requests will be honored.  To make a valid Play with a Friend request, BOTH families must submit a request.    

  1. To make a valid play with a friend request, BOTH families must submit the request at the link listing the other as a friend (the link is active on June 1 every season)
  2. Each player is only allowed one play with a friend request and no “chain request” are allowed.  Please do not submit multiple requests.

· Player A request player B / player B makes no request = NO
· Player A request player B / player B request player C = NO
· Player A request players B and C / player B request player A / player C request player A = NO
· Player A request player B / player B request player C / player C request player A = NO
· Player A request friend B / Player B request friend A = YES

  1. A submission email will be sent to the entered email address. Both parties must reply to this email to confirm the request.
  2. Play With A Friend requests must be received before the season begins.  


We recognize that in rare and specific cases, it is appropriate and beneficial to a player’s development for them to play-up to the next age classification. A balance needs to be struck to avoid placing the desire of a player above the legitimate opportunity for that individual to be successful in an older age classification.

While KVHA does support Play-Up Requests, KVHA will not take an opportunity away from an age appropriate player to allow a younger player to take an available slot within a division.  When spots are available, the player must demonstrate that their current abilities would undermine the balance of competitiveness within their current age appropriate division. 

Any player wishing to play up must attend at least one pre-season skate at their current division and for the division in which they are requesting to be moved. This is the only way to determine is a Play-Up request is appropriate.  In all cases, player priority is based on their registration date. A player playing up will not supersede any other player who registered earlier in either division. A player will only be permitted to Play-Up one division.  

Click here to read and consider this article from USA Hockey regarding playing up

Play-Up requests must be received prior to the house skates so that the player's skill level can be evaluated.  

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We are seeking Head coaches for the upcoming hockey season for our BIGGBY 6U & 8U program.  Our goal is to give everyone a chance to play but if we do not have coaches we will have to turn kids away.

Becoming a Head Coach is a tremendous opportunity to contribute to player development in one of the largest hockey Associations in the country as well as assist in the continued growth of hockey in our community.  If you would like to be considered, please apply now!  

All coaches, including assistant coaches, most comply with the USA Hockey Coaching Education program and complete all training requirements to be a properly rostered coach. 



The pre-season begins with a series of skills skates leading up to the formation teams.  The pre-season skates are provided for your child’s benefit and are included in the cost of your yearly registration fees.  Evaluations begin on day 1, but these skates are also for the players to shake off rust, realize that they have outgrown equipment, or just be more comfortable going into the season. 

Our players are assessed on skill level to create fair and even teams based on player ratings.  Siblings are automatically placed on the same teams but their overall rating is also factored into the creation of the teams.   Players are given one overall rating primarily considering the following attributes or skills:  Skating overall; Stopping, balance and getting up; Puck handling and control; Enthusiasm/Attention Span; Team oriented/Hockey sense

Registered Players are encouraged to attend as many of the pre-season skates as possible.    If a player cannot attend any skate, they will still be placed on a team wither based on last season's rating or by placement on the team who needs the next player to make it even. 

8 & Under Hockey monthly costs for the 2023-24 Fall Season

not including the KVHA registration fee

These monthly fees cover the cost for ice time that KVHA rents for each team from KVIH or HIH to practice as well as play KVHA and non-KVHA teams, plus other team costs.   Fees are reviewed on a yearly basis and often times includes funds for tournaments, extra ice time, adding referees at the end and other events.  Funding for extras not covered by this fee will be collected independently by each team. 

Payments are made on-line through TeamSnap regardless of whether you choose to pay in full, or set up monthly installment payments.  Ice payments are due by the end of each month and will end once your 6 installments are paid or you have paid in full.    Payments can be set up using MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AMEX or via ACH directly from your checking account (check routing).  KVHA does not accept checks, money orders, or cash.     

 Players who register after the start of the season will have their first payment pro-rated according to their individual start date. 

6U | 8U

$140 per month
  • Ages 4 thru 8 - for kids born 2015 & later
  • Two Skates Per Week
  • Sunday Game Days
  • Competition based on Skill
  • Teams Vary in Size Every Season
  • MAHA Jamborees and more!